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Available Pigs!

Below are the pigs that are currently available for sale! Let us know if you're interested and we'll be happy to answer any and all questions. If you are new to pigs, remember that pigs are herd animals and always need a pig companion. We are happy to help with breeding pairs and we offer multi-pig discounts. We also work with our neighboring KuneKune farm, Fresh Air Farm LLC, to find you the perfect pig. 

Gilts and Sows

Below are the available gilts and sows, all AKKPS Registered and looking to join your breeding program!


Below are the available boars, all AKKPS Registered and looking for a herd of their own!


Below are the available barrows. These can be AKKPS Registered or sold as unregistered. These are great companions to your breeding pigs, or pet pigs, or homesteading and meat pigs. 

We currently do not have any boars available at this time. Please check back in July when our next litter is due!

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