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Welcome to Primrose Piggies

Your Local KuneKune Farm


Welcome to Primrose Piggies Farm! We are a micro farm located in the Valley of Virginia. Our goal is to support this unique breed of pigs on our small farmette. We focus on the health and happiness of our animals while learning small homesteading tricks of the past. If you are interested in learning about the KuneKune breed, feel free to browse the website and reach out to us with any questions! 

If you aren't sure what all the fuss is about with these adorable pigs, let me share just a few of their remarkable traits with you.

The best trait of the KuneKune pig is their temperament. They are friendly, cuddly, smart, and love belly rubs. 

The other great thing about this breed is that they  graze. Most pigs do not graze, but this breed can survive off of healthy grass in the summer months. Plus, less mowing! I don't know about you, but they are much cuter than any lawn mower you can buy. 


Lastly, they are not too big. These pigs can range from 200 - 400 pounds and are much more compact than a traditional hog.


So, to sum up, they are cute, friendly, compact lawn mowers. We hope you love them as much as we do!

To help you as you learn about KuneKune, here are some quick terminology tips:

Sow: a female pig who has had at least one litter.

Gilt: a female pig who has not had a litter.

Barrow: a castrated male pig.

Boar: an intact male pig. 

KuneKune: pronounced "cooney cooney" AKA the best pig ever. 

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Primrose Piggies KuneKune Farm

1161 Roman Road

Mt. Sidney, VA 24467

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